Mastering Committee Presentations with Clarity and Evidence

In the medical and pharmaceutical sectors, committee presentations are a pivotal aspect of the decision-making process. Whether it’s a formulary committee, a med review board, or a new tech evaluation committee, the importance of a well-structured and evidence-backed presentation cannot be overstated. Here’s a comprehensive guide to mastering your presentations: Understanding the Importance of CriticalContinue reading “Mastering Committee Presentations with Clarity and Evidence”

Working with Ambiguity in Medical Policy Guidelines

Ambiguity within medical policy guidelines can be a challenging hurdle for healthcare professionals… not to mention medical writers. These guidelines, intended to provide direction for coverage decisions and appropriate patient care, can sometimes leave room for interpretation. Navigating such ambiguity requires a strategic and thoughtful approach to ensure accurate coverage decisions for the health planContinue reading “Working with Ambiguity in Medical Policy Guidelines”

Why a career change to medical writing?

In 2018, after many years in academia, I decided to make a career switch to a full-time medical writer. Previously, I had been doing freelance medical writing and copyediting odd jobs here and there ever since I realized that I enjoyed writing and researching in graduate school. When I first told others of my planContinue reading “Why a career change to medical writing?”