Neuroinflammation may play independent role from amyloid in Alzheimer disease

A recent neuroimaging study published in Communications Biology, a journal within the Nature portfolio, reports a possible link in individuals with Alzheimer disease between neuroinflammation in the brain and task-related activities, independent of amyloid aggregation.1 These early findings may indicate that abnormal brain activity may possibly be restored by targeting neuroinflammation; however, additional studies andContinue reading “Neuroinflammation may play independent role from amyloid in Alzheimer disease”

Spasers (and Star Trek) Revisited

In 2014, as part of an initiative to encourage my biochemistry students to actively read and discuss scientific journals and publications, I read a brief IEEE Spectrum article on the proposed use of graphene-based plasmon lasers (spasers) as a possible cancer therapeutic (1). The class blog entry was a popular topic for some time (2).Continue reading “Spasers (and Star Trek) Revisited”